Thursday, 17 March 2011

Third Day: Now Baby Learn To Angry

Baby felt sick after injected.."kecian"
When we referred back to Baby' first time adopted, she was very shy but active. She didn't know what happened when we intended to bring Baby back to our home. Of course she was only cat. But what's incredible about her that..she was not angry with us when we brought her back. From the shop till our house, she was sitting quite..not bothering us so much. We taught her how to eat, where to pee..we told her to use toilet. It took time to teach her..well, maybe a week. But now, she already practice the regular basis..what's a incredible cat. She was different with local cat maybe because of her behavior. We also like to play with her..we know she was very active but she may not crush your things easily because her nail were short. Playing with her was a very easy thing for sharp nail, no bleeding, no scratch on skin..right? :).

One day, after she got the injection from vet doctor, she looked very tired. We gave her vitamin that we bought from vet shop. Wow..she looked happy after we feed her with that vitamin. There were very lot of things we have to learn if we wanted to care our 'Baby' perfectly. Now, i could play joke with her..more hardly you played with her, she would become more angry. You know what i mean? Let see video below :


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