Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First Day: The Moment Baby Was Adopted

First day in my life was always similar everyday. But after the adoption of my first Persian kitten, i felt that all my life became fulled with joyous & happiness. The moment began when i started to inform my husband that i like to keep a pet in our home. He thought that i want to adopt hamster because he knew that hamster was cheaper & easy for maintenance. However. i kept mentioning him that i really wanted one Persian to stay with me. Then. i cried because he didn't know what to do with my dream.

One day, my husband said that he want to bring me to someplace. At the same time, i kept questioning him but he didn't want to answer and he said that,"This destination is secret for you because you deserve it earlier.:-)". I kept wondering what was his intention. In my head, a picture of Persian kept glowing around my eyes.

When we reached at pet shop, i felt surprise that he really want to buy me a Persian. We stare at the cat zoo inside the shop and he let me to choose the Persian. There were too many of them..but my eyes only attracted to one of them. Her fur was white, long and clean..maybe after the grooming time. She was active and friendly at that time..she didn't afraid when i touched or brought her. Finally, i made decision to purchase her. The price was affordable for us. We know if we kept her properly, we can have a cat business next time..depending on our decision. We brought her home and somehow, to my husband's mother house. She really happy to play around there..eventually when there are two persons like Persian..my husband's sister and his mother. We intended to name the Persian..Pwences but after the discussion with my husband..we gave her name Baby. I was cute to be calling when we tried to find her around our home.

She like to sit on my husband's laptop..that's why he "bego"