Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ninth Day: Baby Ride in A Car!

Until today, when we are going somewhere else, sometimes we found people bring out their dogs for a walk. That's a normal thing. But we have never seen someone bring their cats to shopping complex or park. We don't know the reason but i am sure that the owners afraid that there will be a scene where Tom & Jerry chase in order not lose to each other. Let Tom being the dog & Jerry is the cat. What a mess for us when this situation happens in our life..a dog barks at our cat & the cat 'miaw' at the dog. Who wil win? Of course the dog because he is bigger & smarter than cats. What will happen next? Well..Jerry will do something to trick Tom but in real life, cats will run as fast as she can from the dogs. As a good advice, i wish that all the cats should be staying away from the dogs unless some bad things will happen.

On this sunny day, we have a plan to bring Baby a ride around the town. We bring a cage including a pack of food and toys inside for Baby. When I try to buy something, my husband will take care of her but Baby insisted to be touch..maybe she is little bit awkward after a few minute ride. She like to sit in front of dashboard..maybe she feel that is the most comfortable place to stay. I know she look excited as she moves a lot around my car. If you are on the backseat of my car that time, i am sure you will be amazed with her playing in front. Maybe you never see any cats doing a such thing..let see Baby's action!

Are you feel awkward Baby?


  1. Hi, your kitten is very cute but you shouldn't driving around with a loose cat or kitten in the car - it's very unsafe!
    Your cat should be in a pet carrier for both hers and your safety. If there was to be an accident, she could be badly hurt or killed by being thrown around. What if kitten went under the drivers feet around the pedals - an accident could be caused. It's just not a very good idea.
    Please only travel with your kitten in a cat carrier!

  2. Hi classictabby. Sorry for that thing. Don't worry about that. Me & my husband have looking after the cat very carefully. Maybe next time, we will buy extra seat just for her. :) Thanks for your advice.