Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sixth Day: Baby Was So Active!

Baby oh my Baby. Why are u so cute? :). That's my words. Today, I'm so tired to do anything. But for my Baby, I'll not forget her easily. With this blog, i could create Baby time-line..this is her life story. I want Baby to be an actress..well, i realize i still have to take more effort to promote her. Do you want her to be an actress? Well, I'm sure you don't have that answer. Never mind. To be an actress is not an easy task. But to be a spontaneous actor is better than that. You know why? Because you can see what's Baby doing. Let see her in action!

Baby was bullied..

Bullied again..she needed vitamin to boost her energy..
like Mountain Dew. Just joking..:)

Tired after too much playing around..

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