Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eleventh Day: Do You Know Baby's Secret?

Everyday we eat to survive & obtain more energy to do some works. For early age, eating can let our body growing equally if the consumption of the nutrition is enough for us. With daily serving basis of food, our body become immunized with diseases around us. This process is happened to all life including animals. The animal we want to mention here could be our own pet..cat or dog. In fact, some people believe that a cat have 7 life & the person who own a lot of cats could have long life. Well, i believe it since i have seen many old folks keep a group of cats in their house. Most of them are around 60 to 80 years. Until today, there are still no scientific fact could prove this evidence. But each of cats have their own secret. What are those secret? Well, some of them can play well & some also like to be tame with their owner. How about Baby? What's Baby secret? Do Baby have both secrets? To judge it..let see Baby's video below!

 1st Secret

 2nd Secret

Last Secret


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