Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Second Day: Baby First Day's Outside Home

Cute posing la..

This day is Baby's time to walk out..take some fresh air to play at my husband's sister house. Baby is so active & she like to walk around house..wondering what's inside this new world..she said. Hehe. However, Baby is so thin..we can feel the size of her body. She does not eat very well..maybe because of she have been keeping distance from her mother since her birth. Although she looked active inside above video, we know that she is happy to be treated well. There is one more thing common about Baby..she like to walk around with her head spinning to east. We don't know what causing Baby to act mannerly. However, we still accept her handicapped..we still love her like our little daughter. One more thing..Baby's secret is your high attention..she would not afraid to be closed with someone because she is quite friendly.

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