Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eleventh Day: Do You Know Baby's Secret?

Everyday we eat to survive & obtain more energy to do some works. For early age, eating can let our body growing equally if the consumption of the nutrition is enough for us. With daily serving basis of food, our body become immunized with diseases around us. This process is happened to all life including animals. The animal we want to mention here could be our own pet..cat or dog. In fact, some people believe that a cat have 7 life & the person who own a lot of cats could have long life. Well, i believe it since i have seen many old folks keep a group of cats in their house. Most of them are around 60 to 80 years. Until today, there are still no scientific fact could prove this evidence. But each of cats have their own secret. What are those secret? Well, some of them can play well & some also like to be tame with their owner. How about Baby? What's Baby secret? Do Baby have both secrets? To judge it..let see Baby's video below!

 1st Secret

 2nd Secret

Last Secret


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tenth Day: Your Honour My Princess!

Everyday, we always saw something fascinating about the pet fashion..especially when it related to cats or dogs. Long time ago, people didn't care how their pets look because they only care about how their pets survived. For them, food & health were more important than something unnecessary such fashion. For example, they would prepare a bowl with abandoned food & gave it to their pets. Only by doing this way, they would feel more happy when they knew their pets became healthier. By 18th century, in the circus world, cats & dogs were once used as the entertainment icon to make the audience attracted to come to this place as long as they wanted. Cats & dogs were wear with fascinated clothes..something unusual clothes that people wear everyday. But there were very famous clothes that every owner wanted their pets to wear..a prince & princess clothes. Until now, a lot of owner still want their pets to have a unique style for certain photography session..depending on theme they want to choose for their pets.

That was all about pets' fashion. But how's about the fashion for Persian cat? The idea came when I went to my mother's house with my husband. I persuaded him to bring along Baby. He agreed with one condition..don't mix her with local cats. Reaching at the house, I put Pwences outside quickly but not Amor because I trusted him. He would not disturb Baby. Suddenly, something fascinating thing happened. What was a day when Baby came to my mother's wife & she was wearing with something shiny, pinky round at her head. Oh..it was a crown. She looked cute with her face looking at the camera..she was really a good model. Hehe. Believe it or not..let see Baby's action!

 Baby really looked like a Princess!

Your Honour My Princess!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ninth Day: Baby Ride in A Car!

Until today, when we are going somewhere else, sometimes we found people bring out their dogs for a walk. That's a normal thing. But we have never seen someone bring their cats to shopping complex or park. We don't know the reason but i am sure that the owners afraid that there will be a scene where Tom & Jerry chase in order not lose to each other. Let Tom being the dog & Jerry is the cat. What a mess for us when this situation happens in our life..a dog barks at our cat & the cat 'miaw' at the dog. Who wil win? Of course the dog because he is bigger & smarter than cats. What will happen next? Well..Jerry will do something to trick Tom but in real life, cats will run as fast as she can from the dogs. As a good advice, i wish that all the cats should be staying away from the dogs unless some bad things will happen.

On this sunny day, we have a plan to bring Baby a ride around the town. We bring a cage including a pack of food and toys inside for Baby. When I try to buy something, my husband will take care of her but Baby insisted to be touch..maybe she is little bit awkward after a few minute ride. She like to sit in front of dashboard..maybe she feel that is the most comfortable place to stay. I know she look excited as she moves a lot around my car. If you are on the backseat of my car that time, i am sure you will be amazed with her playing in front. Maybe you never see any cats doing a such thing..let see Baby's action!

Are you feel awkward Baby?

Eighth Day: Baby Learn How To Sing

Most of the cats normally were harmed to human being..especially local cats. Their nails were long & sharp which hardly for their owners to cut or trim. Although the nails were very useful for extra protection, sometimes it could be dangerous to us. Why this things happened? It was because local cats didn't like their nails to be touched. Only the amateur owner knew how to handle this type of cats. I had ever being scratched many times by my previous local cats named Amor & Princess. It happened especially when I gave them a bathe or gave them medicine. They would bite my fingers until bleeding. Well, now that was all normal thing for me. For your info, Amor was a male while Princess was a female..live together in my mother's house.

However, a fantastic thing happened to me. Since my husband brought a Persian cat back to our house, I learned a lot of things about her. What I found about her that she was a totally different from Amor & Princess. She was cute, playful but harmless, didn't afraid to water, like a grooming session especially nails cut & very affectionate to me. We knew that her behavior formed because of the genetic..but i believed that Baby could be better than before. She is a fast learning..maybe because of Royal Canin nutrition. Today, i can teach a lot of things to her. What i want Baby to be now..is always active & loyalty to me..i hope so. :)..let see Baby learning how to sing..la..lala..

Do a cat can sing??

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seventh Day: No More Sitting Around for Baby

Day by day, we discovered that Baby was going to express herself. She became more active after we gave her a few vitamin drop & rice nutrition to let her body growing. Sometimes, Baby didn't eat a lot but we knew what happened to her. We persuaded her to eat everyday. As a result, she never stopped running..catching us..jumping on the sofa..scratching the cupboard..you can see here that Baby was no more sitting around. But when it came to late night, she would not going anything again unless sleeping. We knew that a Persian cat needed 17 hours to sleep everyday. Maybe it just only a theory or Baby was different from what we expected. Baby as you know..she would like to play with you if you could make her tame with you. I believed that every Persian were tame..they could not harm their owner. But sure they could make one enemy..the rats. :) Let catch up Baby's action!

Action One

Action Two

Sixth Day: Baby Was So Active!

Baby oh my Baby. Why are u so cute? :). That's my words. Today, I'm so tired to do anything. But for my Baby, I'll not forget her easily. With this blog, i could create Baby time-line..this is her life story. I want Baby to be an actress..well, i realize i still have to take more effort to promote her. Do you want her to be an actress? Well, I'm sure you don't have that answer. Never mind. To be an actress is not an easy task. But to be a spontaneous actor is better than that. You know why? Because you can see what's Baby doing. Let see her in action!

Baby was bullied..

Bullied again..she needed vitamin to boost her energy..
like Mountain Dew. Just joking..:)

Tired after too much playing around..

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fifth Day: Cute Faces of Baby

Try to catch me!

Is that fur or furball?

A chick want to befriend with you..

"What's your name cat?" chick asked Baby.

"You hit me Baby!" but nobody there care about that chick.

Fourth Day: Baby Begin To Pose



What are you looking for baby?

Is that me like a rabbit?

Brrr..time for 'sweet time'..

Am i beautiful? :)

Do i look serious?

Please..scratch my body!

Oh..it is so hot...

What are u looking at huh?

Third Day: Now Baby Learn To Angry

Baby felt sick after injected.."kecian"
When we referred back to Baby' first time adopted, she was very shy but active. She didn't know what happened when we intended to bring Baby back to our home. Of course she was only cat. But what's incredible about her that..she was not angry with us when we brought her back. From the shop till our house, she was sitting quite..not bothering us so much. We taught her how to eat, where to pee..we told her to use toilet. It took time to teach her..well, maybe a week. But now, she already practice the regular basis..what's a incredible cat. She was different with local cat maybe because of her behavior. We also like to play with her..we know she was very active but she may not crush your things easily because her nail were short. Playing with her was a very easy thing for us...no sharp nail, no bleeding, no scratch on skin..right? :).

One day, after she got the injection from vet doctor, she looked very tired. We gave her vitamin that we bought from vet shop. Wow..she looked happy after we feed her with that vitamin. There were very lot of things we have to learn if we wanted to care our 'Baby' perfectly. Now, i could play joke with her..more hardly you played with her, she would become more angry. You know what i mean? Let see video below :


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Second Day: Baby First Day's Outside Home

Cute posing la..

This day is Baby's time to walk out..take some fresh air to play at my husband's sister house. Baby is so active & she like to walk around house..wondering what's inside this new world..she said. Hehe. However, Baby is so thin..we can feel the size of her body. She does not eat very well..maybe because of she have been keeping distance from her mother since her birth. Although she looked active inside above video, we know that she is happy to be treated well. There is one more thing common about Baby..she like to walk around with her head spinning to east. We don't know what causing Baby to act mannerly. However, we still accept her handicapped..we still love her like our little daughter. One more thing..Baby's secret is your high attention..she would not afraid to be closed with someone because she is quite friendly.