Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seventh Day: No More Sitting Around for Baby

Day by day, we discovered that Baby was going to express herself. She became more active after we gave her a few vitamin drop & rice nutrition to let her body growing. Sometimes, Baby didn't eat a lot but we knew what happened to her. We persuaded her to eat everyday. As a result, she never stopped running..catching us..jumping on the sofa..scratching the can see here that Baby was no more sitting around. But when it came to late night, she would not going anything again unless sleeping. We knew that a Persian cat needed 17 hours to sleep everyday. Maybe it just only a theory or Baby was different from what we expected. Baby as you know..she would like to play with you if you could make her tame with you. I believed that every Persian were tame..they could not harm their owner. But sure they could make one enemy..the rats. :) Let catch up Baby's action!

Action One

Action Two


  1. Thank syg...make me happy when read what u write about u n baby so much...muahz

  2. You know i always doing something that will make you happy..:)

  3. That y me n baby love u so much...:)