Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tenth Day: Your Honour My Princess!

Everyday, we always saw something fascinating about the pet fashion..especially when it related to cats or dogs. Long time ago, people didn't care how their pets look because they only care about how their pets survived. For them, food & health were more important than something unnecessary such fashion. For example, they would prepare a bowl with abandoned food & gave it to their pets. Only by doing this way, they would feel more happy when they knew their pets became healthier. By 18th century, in the circus world, cats & dogs were once used as the entertainment icon to make the audience attracted to come to this place as long as they wanted. Cats & dogs were wear with fascinated clothes..something unusual clothes that people wear everyday. But there were very famous clothes that every owner wanted their pets to wear..a prince & princess clothes. Until now, a lot of owner still want their pets to have a unique style for certain photography session..depending on theme they want to choose for their pets.

That was all about pets' fashion. But how's about the fashion for Persian cat? The idea came when I went to my mother's house with my husband. I persuaded him to bring along Baby. He agreed with one condition..don't mix her with local cats. Reaching at the house, I put Pwences outside quickly but not Amor because I trusted him. He would not disturb Baby. Suddenly, something fascinating thing happened. What was a day when Baby came to my mother's wife & she was wearing with something shiny, pinky round at her head. was a crown. She looked cute with her face looking at the camera..she was really a good model. Hehe. Believe it or not..let see Baby's action!

 Baby really looked like a Princess!

Your Honour My Princess!

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  1. haha...u so funny dear..please hubby please...i need 1 more prince cat...please...:p